Monday, 25 November 2013

5 Reasons why nobody cares about your fashion blog

Reason No 1: No (regular) updates

You probably don't make regular updates. Your last post was uploaded in ancient times.
Don't even bother to make lame "i've been so busy" excuses, cause at this point, no1curr.

my last update, oops

Reason No 2: Everthing seems perfect and great

You are in love with everything. New basic H&M shirt?  "I am so in love with it". Repeat this phrase with everything you own/will own in the future.
Maybe your're really gushing over everything related in fashion and don't hate anything - then I'm sorry but i have never met you or someone similar to you. You're a robot.

OMG I love everything about my life

Reason No 3: Too much/ not enough photoshop

In our western world our eyes are used to shopped pictures, but when Victoria Secret models like Miranda Kerr start to liquify their bodies for social media, something's wrong.
I personally see a lot of streched bodies, especially legs, just take a look on, and open your eyes. (I am guilty for looking at thinspo on twitter)
why tho
 Reason No 4: Self-obession

Fashionblogs are mainly outlets for self-promotion . I guess its great when youre obessed with someone and can stalk them but if you are only posting pictures of yourself with no exception, I cannot take you seriously.
Everyone likes compliments but sometimes its too much. Same goes for "5-selfies in a row" Instagram snaps.

duckface in progress, instant ego boost

Reason No 5: Boring personality = boring outfits

What i consider boring: you follow every trend published in Instyle Magazine or you copy the Zara Lookbooks from head to toe, there's no trace of personality or personal style in your fashion choices, everything is dictated by someone else.

Zara Impact: wait and see this look multiply!

Do you agree or disagree with this list?


  1. WOW!I have to share this,bravo!

  2. agree! :D
    This made me laugh!

  3. Haha.. wobei ich mich in ein paar Kategorien wiederfinde :D :D

  4. yep!


    moustachic ♡
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  5. yay you back :) i totally agree with you although i've never really noticed streched bodies on lookbook..but i definitely avoid blogs full of selfies!



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