Thursday, 27 June 2013

I am back!

Anyone still here?
I hope so!

My mission "Finish nightschool dammit" is finally completed!
I have studied nights and slept during the days and even though I finished a week ago, my sleeping schedule is still messed up.

Last week was my final exam and I kept posting on my instagram, here's a softcore summary and my face a few days before the big day:

If you ever consider going to night school, make sure that their organisation is on point and the way they treat people who have disadvantages is correct.
The students in my school were the nicest people but the bad organisation and unfair treatments made it hell for me. I am glad I got out of this, since many people I knew gave up along the way because it was just getting messed up. I am not sure what I'll do now (thinking about writing a letter to newspapers), but I won't let them get away with it.


  1. Happy to have you back! Can't wait for your posts!


  2. Welcome back, congrats on being done, that must be a huge relief!

  3. Oh well no matter what, you are finally done with the exams! Welcome back! :D

    with love, Cassandra xx


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