Monday, 11 March 2013

New In March

Cropped Hype Shirt by Illustrated People // Red Velvet Boots on Sale at Eiler

It's still SALE time here, and I found these velvet ankle-high boots for €30 instead of €139, and you know, the cliché is true, a girl#s mind just goes blank at that price tag and the brain tells you one mesage: buy them!
It doesn't matter that I can't walk in them, ain't nobody got time for that.

This antique piece looks like a greek goddess might have used it to check her schedules - it's actally a solar clock by Solarplexus. I am going to introduce this exciting and absolutely unique project in an upcoming outfit entry. Actaully I am hoping/waiting for some sun! Meanwhile take a look on their facebook page.

Superman-Shirt from // Vintage Cowboy Boots for €5

Introducing new sunnies by! Now, sun, come out!

 Have a nice Monday!


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