Friday, 18 January 2013

Boots, Bacon and Bowie

Let's start with the most important news from the last 2 weeks - Bowie is back, out of the blue he releases a music video on his birthday - and sounds so sad on his new track - i did not like it at first, but after 5 listens I love you, David Jones - sorry Iman. On the ight, i was trying on some cheap ass indian boots with no sole for a few euros, I think they look photogenic, but they wouldn't survive a walk, so I kindly left them in the store.
You find all these pics and even more here:

Quote of the week last week -by me! On the right - a piece of Linz!

Trying on false lashes - which look only good on me, when the photo is overexposered - on the right, my  new seefish ring!

Playing around with the Andy Warhol by Chris Makos - app, and carrying around my Velvet Underground tote with the Warhol banana! Funny thing is, I am totally fooling people with this pic - or didn't you think it was real? The wig and body belongs to Andy, although I think they retouched his neck. 

Brown shoes showdown - Cowboy boots (too large) vs Glittery Sneakers (too expensive) 

And here's the last two - food I have never tasted - i went to Germany last weekend and the Bacon Snack is the only photo i took - just because I like to take photos of packaging and food that's not available in Austria. On the right are some Banana -chocolate tarts, seen at McDonalds but again, I just took a photo of something I never ate. 


  1. Great post ! I love your pink shoes :)

  2. Hi dear cool post! I love the Glittery Sneakers. Just followed you on gfc and bloglovin/87, I will be happy if you follow back:) kisses chris

  3. I like the pink boots !


    Coline !

  4. vielen Dank :DD
    sehr viele coole Schuhe

  5. Glückwunsch zum Zitat der Woche :p!
    Die Glitzersneakers haben es mir angetan <3.

    Liebe Grüße

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    1. Auch ich kann Dir nur gratulieren! Ist echt toll was Du machst :-)
      Hab mich über deinen Kommentar und Besuch sehr gefreut, hoffe auf
      bald wieder ;-) Hab einen schönen Tag!

      Liebste Grüsse, Kira


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