Friday, 2 November 2012

The Andy Warhol Diaries Look

Sweater - H&M (Men departement)
Hat - H&M Grey Girl Collection
Jeans - ZARA
Basic Boots - ZARA
Book - The Andy Warhol Dairies -

I am researching Warhol-related stuff for years now, so I finally had to get this book - Andy warhols last decade, described day to day - it looks boring at first, but I love it, i have red about the people in it, I have seen them talk in documentaries, I looked up the places in NY and Pittsburgh, I have several of Andy's former friends as Facebook "friends" and so on - sorry, I am a maniac.
This look is inspired by Andy, by Debbie Harry, Stephen Sprouse, Interview Magazine and generally the 80s.


  1. love the outfit! I never would have thought of buying stuff from the mens department at H&M but now I am definitely reconsidering :)


  2. Love the hat!!! Have to go to H&M today! :)


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