Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Awwdore-able wishlist

Aren't these piece just adorable? Or should I say - awwdore-able?
Since i've discovered their site, I can't stop browsing and checking their new arrivals.
These are just four of the most recent ones that I had to introduce to you! I am loving all these diverse styles - every piece reflects a different mood.

Totally digging the print on the Zigzag It Up Jumper, that cozy-looking Lovin’it Hoody Coat, the beautiful Pedals Embroidery Skirt (Black) and that nostalgic and photogenic Rose Indeed Fluffy Jumper is something Lana del Rey would wear.
I also might point out their sales promotion - if your cart amount is over $60 you get off $10 or $100 and get off $ 20 immediately. Shipping is free to, no matter where you live :)
Soon I will be posting an outfit, featuring a piece by Awwdore, so stay tuned and enjoy shopping!


  1. Great list!! I like the skirt!**)

    Kisses **)

  2. These pieces really are great! I especially love the two sweaters.

    <3 Melissa

  3. Nice!!



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