Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Modezone 2012

Last weekend, on Sunday, we went to attend Modezone - an exhibit/fair at the Lentos Museum Linz.
I got to know a lot of new brands, fresh designers and saw some amazing collections.
Sadly I missed out on the fashion show on Friday, because I had to work.
My mother gave me this amazing jacket - which is a little too big for me, but thats okay with coats, i guess. The spiked leggins are by vj-style, jumper is H&M and the glitter boots are by Vögele.
Afterwards, we went to the Christmas market - my new glitter boots matched the decorations :)


  1. no way you have almost the same leggins as i have (with spikes on knees, they will be on my blog soon!)
    and to your question.. when i take pics i always set the camera settings to "very bright", whenever i shoot with flash or not. this way the flash is brighter too, i guess, and especially the skin turns out softer. did this help you at least a little? :D


  2. Hi from Sapin!!
    I loved RELIGION too! Nice blog!!

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    Kiss!! :)

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  4. I love your leggins!!!
    I follow you now and if you wanna follow me too let me know!
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  5. You've got an amazing style!! Congrats for your Mango prize:)


  6. Absolutely gorgeous! In about a week I will be writing second article about my favorite bloggers. Would you mind if I use your pics? :)

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  7. amazing photos, truly <3 and the thing you eat on the least photo looks super yummy :)

  8. Great blog!! And that 3 color coat it is marvelous! <3 Hope you like my blog as much as I loved yours. xoxo, Mary.


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