Monday, 22 October 2012

Velvet Shirt, Lace Skirt

Better late than never - i just discovered these photos on the computer, hidden somewhere - since spring. Wow, I am so late. I still see a lot of naked legs on and other fashion communities, and I have wondered, is the weather really that warm in the US and other countries?
Here in Austria, it is getting really cold, I bought some knee-high boots today, which I will show you in the next entries. Meanwhile, enjoy the spring-me :)


Shirt - Zara
Dress - Saint Tropez
Bag - H&M
Heels - Humanic


  1. Total schönes Outfit! :)
    Und cool, dass du die Bilder wiedergefunden hast :D

  2. really cool boots & i love how you kept the color palette simple!

    in germany it's getting colder & colder as well but that doesn't keep me from wearing short skirts & tanktops.. haha!


  3. wunderschön!
    aber ich stehe nicht so auf weiße Schuhe :-)
    LG Katrin

  4. hey, featuren jede woche blogger in einem post, ich hab dich grad vorgeschlagen! solltest bald ne mail von denen bekommen :)



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