Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Warhol vs Clown Skulls

 "Death can really make you look like a star." 
I am really into print shirts now - and I am very picky about the motives. 
What I don't like is wearing random faces of nobodies or some (sh)witty quote on my chest. 
The truth is, I am a Warhol geek. I like a lot of his work from the 70s and especially 80s, the last decade.

"Warhol’s Skull works acted as counter-images to his glamorous portraits and poignantly suggest that underneath all of the trappings of beauty and wealth, everyone is equal and bound to the same destiny." (source)

I was browsing on when I noticed a strong resemblece with the silkscreens. Now I need to have at least one of them!
You can get the black tank for € 18,75 here, the white tank for € 24,99, here.

Which one is your favourite? Black or white?


  1. Wow, der Print ist echt der Knaller! Kann mich gar nicht entscheiden, ob ich schwarz oder weiss besser find...

  2. I love these tank tops.


  3. Love the color combo!


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