Monday, 6 August 2012

A day in the mountains

On our birthdays two weeks ago, me and my Guluh spent a day in the mountains, gathering a large part of the family. My outfit needed to be really comfortable and also not too summer-y, because the weather in the mountains tends to be tricky.
I am wearing my Sugarlips- top, some neutral grey jeans and Geox- flats. The flower-crown and the butterfly ring are from Claire's.
I hpe you had a great weekend too, the weather got really hot here lately, but I have to start with my studies for autumn's night school and wished for rain and thunderstorms actually.
Also, I can't wait to see the results of the Bikini-contest, I participated in. The photo I used for that was shot after doing an outfit post - see it on my Deviantart.


  1. So beautiful !! ♥ I love your look.

  2. amaziiing summer photos!And you look so amazing!love your shirt,it looks perfect on you <3 following you!

  3. amazing pictures :) love the top

  4. wunderschöner blog. wunderschöne bilder. wunderschöne du ;)

  5. wow! i love these photos!! beautiful!! and i like how you customized this white hat! You are very creative!

  6. Gorgeous pictures and a happy belated birthday to you and Guluh ;-)


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