Monday, 23 July 2012

Weekend in Vienna

We've spent the weekend in Vienna, originally I planned to shoot some of my new clothes but the weather turned out to be awful - lots of rainy stuff. We still managed to take some cool photos, which I am excited to show you.
Vienna is really great for shopping tours and visiting museums, there are many amazing unique stores, events and places for subclutures, I really miss that in Linz.
Vienna, I'll be back!


  1. very cool pics, i'm also totally into this polaroid style =) the thing with the weather reminds me of my trip to poland where i also wanted to shoot some outfits because of the different locations but it turned out snowing & raining :( anyway, exited to see your posts!


  2. Oh wow you got really good pictures even though the weather was rubbish! It looks like a beauitful place, I'd love to visit :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  3. You definitely did manage to take great photos despite the bad weather!! I sooo want to visit Vienna!!

  4. ooww.. nice pics =)

  5. I love your blog,if you want come to my blog :)


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