Friday, 6 July 2012

Stuff I bought at Summer Sale

While everybody is in Berlin for Fashion Week, I am stuck at home, preparing for my little interview later today. Everywhere you look, you see SALES SALES SALES I really like the shops H&M, Mango & so on, but at the moment these shops are so stuffed with people, which is exhausting and makes shopping unpleasant, it made me check out the Stefanel store for the first time. I choose a very pretty item, you may see it in my upcoming outfit posts. The heart shaped sunglasses are from a really tacky store, really cheap & plastic, I just love them!

HAT - H&M Sale
Shirt - H&M Sale 
Skirt - Mango Sale


  1. Beautiful! :)

  2. You have a beautiful blog! Love the outfit!
    Following you here... <3

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog!I like yours!

  4. lovely dress:)


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