Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Stuff i got from Marni X H&M

I got these amazing collars and a pair of orange earclips last thursday at the release day of Marni X H&M collection. I didn't look at the clothing much, because actually I don't like patters on at all, as you may have noticed from my outfits.
The pieces where all gone so fast, i got a bit dizzy - as I am usually a relaxed slow shopping person.

 After the H&M haul, it was time for some beauty products!

2 new nailpolishes and a new shampoo - by a brand called simply "Swiss Haircare" (by A.D Cosmetics)
I like the simple packaging and design, so I thought I would give it a try!
I've heard so many good things about these products too - and after trying this repair shampoo i can confirm that it's so gently to the scalp and hydrates my hair very well!
And finally, here is the first result of my modeljob (a course on portraits) on Friday!
The photo is my Gerard Figl, who wanted me to bring as many accessoires as possible - of course I also brought my new Marni collars!
I hope you like the photo as much as I do.


  1. Ooooh jealous, love the earrings!


  2. Vielen Dank für dein liebes Kommentar :) Und OMG warum hatte ich die Kragen nicht bemerkt? Vielleicht hätte ich mich dann sogar aufgerafft und wär zu H&M marschiert. :D

  3. WAHHH I LOVE the sequin collars, so beautiful :)

  4. great collars, since i didnt get a chance to buy one i am gonna do a DIY


  5. loving the earrings!!!


  6. I really love those collars!!! They are so classy yet chic!!! As you I didnt really like the clothes but I think the accessories were pretty amazing!!! You bought great pieces!!

    Kisses, Lucy:)


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