Thursday, 1 March 2012

Casting Day

Yesterday I went to a casting for a modelcontest by the austrian magazine Madonna wearing this "required" outfit. Blue jeans (Review) + white top (H&M) + heels.

The casting itsef was nothing exciting, it was as basic as my outfit! (had to strip off my jewelry ( by H&M)).  I got invited and I would not want to miss opportunities like this - if youre ever invited to similar occations and you have time - then my advice is to go. Even if you are insecure about yourself (like me).
You never know what you miss, interesting contacts and media experience.

To be a "real" model nowadays you need other measurements than me.
Sometimes I don't even fit into size 36/4 pants, which always had fit me during my teens.
That's the reason I love seeing clothes on bloggers rather than models, who have to fit he sample sizes of designer clothes.
After the casting, I went window shopping and entered a Forever 21 store for the first time. (The only store opened last March in Vienna) - I bought some nice navy blue sequined pants which I am excited to show you in another outfit post.

I wish you all a nice day, take care.


  1. are so gorgeous!

    I'm in love with your nail polish & those shoes are super cute.


    1. thank you :) the nailpolish is by OPI, the shoes are by a no name store :P

  2. very beautiful! love the classics blue jeans and white tank or tee xo

  3. love your outfit! i hope you get the job :)

  4. A simple outfit that you rocked!! and I agree with you I love to see people's styles no matter their size :)

  5. the outfit is simple, but the pics are amazing! hope you get the job 'cause you're beautiful! i am now following you!

    xo Ola

  6. The pics are amazing! X


  7. Great pictures!

  8. Great pictures!

  9. genau aus dem grund mag ich blogs auch so gerne, sie zeigen "echte" menschen mit "echten" größen :) du bist wirklich unglaublich hübsch! //dariadaria

  10. Besitzt Du die Jeans noch ? Um welches Modell handelt es sich ?


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